2017 Winternights Gathering
at Thor’s Hollow Retreat

October 17 - 22, 2017




Declaration 127


**Thor’s Hollow Retreat is a signatory on Declaration 127.  Discrimination on basis of gender, sexuality, race, or any other arbitrary designation is not accepted at Winternights Gathering and will not be tolerated in any form**



2017 Workshops (tentative)

The tangled relationship of Tyr and Fenrir

A moderated discussion on the tangled relationship of Tyr and Fenris.

Heathenry and right action
Laurel Mendes

Informed by the example of Tyr, are we as Heathens called upon to act when there are troubles in Midgard? Does the example of Tyr call heathens to take action for the larger justice in this complicated world.

Ing - From God of the World to Devil
Cat Heath

The god Ing holds a special position in English Heathenism. As mythical ancestor of the early English, he was an ancestral god, a wain god, a mound god, and god of the harvest. Join us for a short workshop following a wain-trail of ribald fertility rites, blood-bought crops, "demonic" elves, and a god-made-devil.

Heathen Horner’s Workshop
Denise Bowen

Discussion of spiritual and practical aspects of horn working:  This is a workshop for heathen horners. If possible, please bring stuff you are working on. I will, also, have scraps available. You can bring your own Dremel or other tools. The workshop will open with discussion on the spiritual part of it. We will talk about our ideas and experience as heathens carving items for Gods and other heathens. We'll do some show tell, and talk about each other's work. As we move on to the practical aspects of horning, we can talk about things we want to get better at or don't know how to do. Show each other stuff, maybe try out each other's bits or tools. This workshop is entended to help us get better at the technical aspects of our craft, and recognize, honor, and share the spiritual aspect of what we do. Note: you don't have to be an expert to participate. Newbies welcome, but keep in mind that this is not an "intro to" or "101" basics class.

Suicide education from a heathen perspective
Denise Bowen

Suicide: talking about it, dealing with it.
As heathens, suicide isn't some sin that sends us off to eternal punishment. It's a part of life. Not one of us will make it to the ends of our days without having to deal, in some way, with someone's (perhaps even our own) desire to complete the act of suicide. Not talking about it leaves us less prepared to deal with it. Silence equals death... Not figuratively, here. We're talking actual death. This workshop will be a heathened up version of QRP Gatekeeper training. Question, Persuade, Refer. This is the protocol D teaches as part of the county suicide prevention taskforce. More can be learned about QPR at https://www.qprinstitute.com

Ritual Music
Kari Barber

this is a workshop to plan and prepare for music in main blot. It will not take long unless you want it to. Please bring your drum or other instrument.

Ritual Crafts
Kari Barber

BLOT CRAFT: we will be making and decorating paper hands to add our strength to the rope that binds Fenris. All Ages.


Ancestor Blot with Tanya Peterson



Shapeshifting, Animal Magic, and U(PG)
Alexis Jones

Delving into my own personal experiences (and those of others I know), the small pool of documented resources, and such. It will be somewhat hands on, and will probably include a walk into the woods.

Closing Ritual with EBK




“Choose Your Rune” mini LARP adventure

Kids will use courage, cooperation, wits, and rune magic to defeat greedy goblins, wicked wizards, and terrible trolls... if they can! *evil laughter*

Approx 60 minutes for 3-6 kids ages 5-10 years.


Ritual Crafts
Kari Barber




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