2017 Winternights Gathering
at Thor’s Hollow Retreat

October 17 - 22, 2017




Declaration 127


**Thor’s Hollow Retreat is a signatory on Declaration 127.  Discrimination on basis of gender, sexuality, race, or any other arbitrary designation is not accepted at Winternights Gathering and will not be tolerated in any form**



2017 Presenters (tentative)


Laurel Mendes

A current member of Gladsheim Kindred and a former member of Hrafnar Kindred, Laurel Mendes has been in continuous practice of the various magical arts of our ancient kin of faith for more than 25 years. Starting in 1988 she was an integral part of Hrafnar's work to recreate Oracular Seidh rite and she has been practicing, teaching and learning ever since. Today she lives in Baltimore with her husband and her beloved cats, and spends her spare time doing what she loves most cooking and singing.

Cat Heath

Cat Heath is a longtime Heathen and Witch who remembers the bad internet handles of the mid-90s. A proud member of Great Valley Kindred. Cat may be blamed for multiple workshops on magical topics at various Heathen events and has also authored a book of essays about the intersection where Heathenry and magic meet. She keeps a blog at Seo Helrune.

Kari Barber

Kari is a Heathen and a Regional Planner (but alas, not a Heathen Regional Planner- what a world that would be!). She lives at Entheim, a little stonish house in the woods, with her husband and kiddos, cats and a beagle named Strider.

Tanya Peterson


Alexis Jones

Alexis has often found herself at the Centerpoint between things in her life. Human and animal, living and deceased, mundane and spiritual. With what little free time she has available Alexis writes music, makes art, crafts, and enjoys exploring off the beaten path.

Denise Bowen

Denise Bowen has been horning for about 18 years. She wants to help anyone who is feeling the urge to make stuff for the Gods and community to do it and be awesome at it. She thinks there are no stupid questions, and that the road to mastering any craft is a journey of mistakes, laughter, and, perseverance.

Denise is a semester away from a BA in psychology. She's part of the Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Taskforce, in Montgomery County, PA, for whom she teaches suicide prevention workshops. She's been heathen for around 20 years. She thinks there are valid reasons for wanting to make yourself dead, but most of the time it's probably overkill. She likes bad puns. She's not afraid of dead things, but she really wants to help people to live and feel like life is worth living.


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