May 18 - 21, 2017
at Thor’s Hollow
in Virgin

2017 Workshops

Encountering the Other in the Outer Yard of the Wilds Beyond the Hedge
Presented by Cat Heath

We humans have always sought to control our environment – and for good reason. For not only have we found that we survive better when living in the tamed and cultivated, but we’re far safer from the inherent dangers of nature. However, for our ancestors, those inherent dangers were not limited to physical dangers like animal attack, landslides, or getting caught in dangerous storms. There was a whole other set of dangers to take into account too – dangers that could simply make you disappear.

Join me as I take a look at those Other dangers and take a look at the warning signs, and some of the various methods to ensure you come back home safe and whole. Because after all, we all like camping, right

Welcome to Vanir Fest and Asatru 101
Presented by Steve Conway

So, you sent in your registration and check, got your vacation time approved, and found Thor’s Hollow Retreat. Now what? 
This session will cover the logistics (where are the bathrooms?) and culture (Does EVERYBODY hug each other?) of this event for folks that are new or who haven't been here for a few years.
Perhaps you brought your non-Heathen spouse and kids, and they'd like a brief intro to what this is all about. Steve will give an overview of Asatru / heathenry, and how his life-long Catholic wife has participated in the culture.

Board Games
Presented by Guild Barber

Our Ancestors and Us
Presented by Denise Bowen
A group discussion about ancestry, ancestor worship, and the role if our ancestors in modern heathenry.

Landvaettir Garden Planning Session
Presented by Denise Bowen

If you’d like to participate in creating a garden for the landvaettir near the ve, attend this planning session to determine the layout and necessary supplies for creating it.

Landvaettir Gardening
Presented by Denise Bowen

Help create a garden to beautify the ve area to honor the landvaettir.
(Abstract thrown together by Steve – feel free to make it better.)

Arts and Crafts and Hanging Out
Presented by Denise Bowen

Low stress, hang out time with Denise.


Freyr Blot - Led by Laurel Mendes

Landvaettir Blot - Led by Kari Barber

Workshops for Children:

Kid Crafts:

Bake a Cake - Laurel Mendes
Learn to bake a delicious cake under the expert tutelage of Laurel! The class will be broken into two parts. Part one will be measuring, mixing and baking. Part two will be frosting and decorating.

Fairy House Build - Jen Thompson
Work together to build a fairy house for the campground. We will be using materials found around camp and materials donated by community.

Seed starting for Kids - Kelly Smith
We’ll prettify some containers, plant a seed and take them home to watch them grow! I’ll discuss ways to keep them alive inside or how to plant them in the ground when you get home.

Kid Activities:

Kids RPG - Guild Barber
Help save Storia - The Land Next Door from evil - with assistance from experienced guide Guild Barber. No experience necessary, kids as young as 5 can participate.

    In No Thank You, Evil!, your characters discover that their very own bedrooms have secret doorways that lead into a world of imagination and adventure.

    • Go Into the Closet and encounter a fairy tale land full of queens, witches, dragons, and trolls.
    • When you go Out the Window, you’ll find a whole new world of space travel and undersea adventures, race cars and rockets.
    • Under the Bed is scarier, haunted by goblins, ghosts, and ghoulies,
    • while Behind the Bookshelf leads to stories of superheroes and spies, dinosaurs and demigods.

    All of these gateways lead to regions of Storia: The Land Next Door, a world peopled by fantastical new friends who help you save the day against the forces of evil.
    Limited to 8 players

Kids Obstacle Foot Race - Mark Smith
Be the first to complete the Foot Race and win a prize! All ages welcome. We’ll split into groups for the wee ones, youngsters, and teens

Pond Hike and Fairy House materials gathering-Jen Thompson
We will need to gather sticks, needles, leaves and pretty things to use to build our fairy house. We’ll do a walk down to the pond and gather materials as we go. Afterward we will clean and prepare any materials that need extra attention.



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