2018 Presenters

Laurel Mendes

A current member of Gladsheim Kindred and a former member of Hrafnar Kindred, Laurel Mendes has been in continuous practice of the various magical arts of our ancient kin of faith for more than 25 years. Starting in 1988 she was an integral part of Hrafnar's work to recreate Oracular Seidh rite (the rite of seeking visions for the folk that is spoken of in the lore) and she has been practicing, teaching and learning ever since. Today she lives in Baltimore with her husband and her beloved cats, and spends her spare time doing what she loves most cooking and singing.

Denise Bowen

Denise Bowen has been hanging around doing heathen stuff for about 20 years. Sometimes she does workshops on stuff. She loves hanging out with her peeps, arts and crafts, singing, and creating sacred space. She's a member of Eplagarthr Kindred.

Vanir Fest

May 17-20, 2018